About OPIRG York

OPIRG York was established in the spring of 1992 by a campus-wide referendum, joining a provincial network of OPIRG chapters at twelve Ontario university campuses. We are a student-funded, student-directed, non-partisan organization mandated to do popular education and advocacy around social justice and environmentalism. We are committed to making links between issues including anti-racism, economic justice, the environment, Native rights, gender and sexuality.  Over the years, OPIRG York groups have confronted issues ranging from anti-imperialism and sweatshop-free labour to animal rights and energy conservation. Our members have created community gardens, staged anti-deportation rallies, sent books to prisoners as well as collectively organizing Dis/Orientation, the radical orientation at York University.  


Making Change



Ultimately, what the PIRGs recognize is that to bring about meaningful and necessary change both on campus and in the greater community, there needs to be a group of informed, skilled and active people who work to make those changes happen. While an individual campaign might be won or lost, the goal of the PIRG is that each and every student involved would walk away having learned skills needed to be effective for social change.  We provide skills, training and resources for research projects, organizing, public education and activism.   By honing students’ skills in how to communicate effectively, write, organize, lobby and conduct research, the PIRGs contribute to the academic forum by building on the classroom experience and contribute to the community by giving students a solid footing in activism. 


OPIRG York is committed to making positive change, and we welcome new students and community members to stop by the office any time and share ideas and energy. We are located in Room C449 in the First Student Centre and can be reached at opirgyork@gmail.com or 416-736-5724.



Remember, campus is yours for the taking.