What role do working groups play at OPIRG?

Working groups are central to the functioning of OPIRG. They consist of a group of volunteers who work on a specific issue pertaining to anti-oppressive, anti-colonial, anti-imperialist, social justice and environmental issues. The working groups are dedicated to enacting change on campus and/or in the broader community, and function autonomously. Working groups receive funding from OPIRG and access to the OPIRG office. OPIRG York is committed to change at York University but we ALSO envision larger community interaction. We want to blend student organizing with grassroots activism to ensure broad social and environmental change. Thus, we are encouraging applications for working groups with a broad vision, especially those who come from traditionally marginalized communities.

The 2015-2016 OPIRG York working groups are:

- York University Black Graduate Student's Collective

- Fossil Free York

- Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance Ontario (UKPC/FCYA-ON) 

- Prisoner Correspondence Project Toronto
- Anti-colonial, Anti-Zionist Jewish Collective
- Revolutionary Student Movement 
- Women Against Occupation and War


OPIRG supports working groups with:

- Budget for projects and public events

-Resources: phone, printer/photocopier, radical resource centre, meeting space at the OPIRG office, booking rooms and information tables for group outreach and events

- Anti-oppression, consensus decision making and facilitation skills trainings are provided to all members of working groups for free!

- Help from OPIRG staff, board members and volunteers for project support, visioning and outreach, etc.

Interested in joining one of our working groups? We can put you in touch! Our working groups are always looking for new members, volunteers and people who are passionate about the many issues that they cover! If there is a social justice/political issue that you would like to work on that isn’t represented start your own!

For more information on how to get involved with one of our working groups, email naila.opirgyork@gmail.com.