OPIRG York Strike Solidarity Statement with CUPE 3903 & 3902

March 3rd, 2015.

The staff and board at OPIRG York extend our solidarity and support for CUPE 3903 and CUPE 3902 who are on strike for accessible education for all, a fair and equitable work place, and increased job security. The university administration has failed to bargain in good faith, and has forced the unions to strike for these demands. It is the Administration who we must direct our attention towards and ask that they return to bargaining in good faith, and demand that they put accessible education first.

Currently many members of 3903 (many of whom are also students) live on wages below the poverty line, are asked to reapply for their jobs year after year, and are given class sizes that exceed an ideal learning space for students. The fight for decent wages, job security and a cap on class sizes is a fight for students to have a better learning environment. It is not just a CUPE 3903 fight; it is one that we all should demand from York’s administration, and is a fight for decent worker’s rights.

For example York has outright refused to add LGBTQ to their equity policy, which is something 3903 has demanded. The members of 3903 & 3902 deserve our support. We stand in solidarity with CUPE and it’s membership and encourages students, community members, faculty and staff to join 3903 and 3902 on the picket line in their demands for accessible education for all.

For the duration of the strike, OPIRG York board and staff will continue to fill our mandate, and continue to do work in the community, and continue to work on social and environmental justice issues, but will not be crossing picket lines.

To read more about CUPE’s demands and ways to support:

More information and to contact OPIRG York:
opirgyork@gmail.com, opirgyorkboard@gmail.com

Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - 11:15am