OPIRG York is hiring! Volunteer and Programming Coordinator Job Posting

JOB POSTING - Volunteer and Programming Coordinator for OPIRG York (DEADLINE EXTENDED)

OPIRG York, the Ontario Public Interest Group at York University, a student based social justice, environmental education and action organization is seeking a full time, permanent Volunteer and Programming Coordinator.
OPIRG welcomes the contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our organization, and invites indigenous people, people of colour, poor and working class people and those on social assistance, women, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and queer folks; transgender, transsexual, intersex and two-spirit people; single parents, members of ethnic minorities, immigrants, people fromnon-academic backgrounds and people with disabilities to apply.

Start Date: End May, 2018.

Deadline for Applications: Monday May 14 at 5:00pm

Compensation and Benefits:
Hourly wage: $22.65 (+ annual cost of living adjustments and scheduled pay raises)
Hours: 30 hours per week, office hours Mon - Thurs with occasional evening and weekend work
Benefits: Comprehensive GreenShields healthcare plan

Terms of employment: Full-time, permanent position with a 6-month probationary period. Staff are employed by a volunteer Board of Directors and unionized under CUPE Local 1281.

Office Accessibility: The office is wheelchair accessible. The door is not automatized. We intend to do an accessibility audit to ensure the space is accessible for staff and volunteers.

Essential Skills/Experience:
- Volunteer coordination - to conduct the recruitment, training, placement, evaluation, and appreciation of OPIRG York volunteers
- Event and campaigns planning - to develop OPIRG York programming in collaboration with volunteers in the Events/Programming committee, staff, and the Board of Directors
- Networking and coalition-building - to partner with organizations in support of social and environmental justice work happening in the community and on campus
- Working Group Oversight - to support OPIRG York’s working groups to provide students an opportunity to organize on social and environmental justice issues they are interested in
- Social media and outreach - to maintain an active presence on social media for OPIRG York, and produce outreach materials as needed
- Communication - to work within a small office environment, with a volunteer student and community Board of Directors, striving to maintain an anti-oppressive environment with consensus decision-making

Preferred Skills/Experience:
- Social and Environmental Justice organizing - experience within an organization that uses consensus decision-making, an anti-oppression lens, and is pursuing social and environmental justice issues; especially within Jane and Finch or York University
- Accessibility - experience with making programming and spaces accessible, knowing American Sign Language an asset

Job Duties:
Outreach, Communication and Networking
• Design and execute recruitment and outreach campaigns
• Write and design posters, ads, community service announcements, promotional pamphlets and other information materials
• Network with campus/community groups on common issues and campaigns; serve as an OPIRG representative to community and campus coalitions when required
• Assist the Admin Coordinator with liaising with allied organizations and groups for support around endorsements - printing, funding, etc
• Attend Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP) meetings and provide support for JFAAP initiatives
• Assist Administration and Information Coordinator with website updates and manage OPIRG York social media
• Maintain email list serves, send out semi-regular digests of event listings and information, and respond to all volunteer-related inquiries

Recruitment, Orientation and Volunteer Placement
• Organizing new members orientation meetings, OPIRG Open House, office and resource library orientations
• Coordinate annual orientation for the incoming Board of Directors, with support from the Board of Directors and Administration and Information Coordinator
• Provide guidance to volunteers in accordance with OPIRG structure, policies, procedures, etc

• Coordinate anti-oppression trainings
• Provide ongoing support for board and volunteer skill development
• Develop and manage trainings as developed collectively with the Board and staff at visioning sessions, and board meetings
• Be OPIRG’s representative on the Tools for Change board, as long as OPIRG York remains a member

Supervision, Tracking and Evaluation of Volunteers
• Ensure that volunteers and working groups maintain the integrity of the organization, understand and adhere to OPIRG’s policies and procedures
• Encourage volunteers to provide ongoing feedback about organization
• Arrange for volunteer appreciation- either through events, reference letters, etc

Programming and Working Group Coordination
• Provide ongoing assistance to volunteers and working group initiatives
• Assist volunteers in the production of posters, pamphlets and outreach materials
• Liaise with campus groups for planning joint activities and coalition building
• Organize and coordinate events, including Disorientation Week, our annual radical orientation in September
• Develop and manage the OPIRG York programming and events as developed collectively with the Board and staff at visioning sessions, and board meetings

Participating in Decision-Making
• Attend board and staff meetings, relevant working group and committee meetings, and OPIRG provincial meetings
• Provide monthly staff reports to the Board
• Assist in policy development, policy implementation and planning, using consensus process and practicing anti-oppressive policies

Organizational Development
• Work to strengthen cooperation between OPIRG York volunteers, volunteers at other PIRGs, and city and campus-based coalitions and campaigns
• Provide annual reports to the OPIRG membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
• Assist the OPIRG Administrative Coordinator with preparation for AGM
• Familiarize yourself with all OPIRG Memorandums of Agreement (MOA)

• Assist the Administration & Information Coordinator with maintaining the OPIRG office space in an organized manner

To Apply:
All applicants are asked to write a brief statement (approx. 1 page) on their views of power and
oppression in organizing within the university context. We encourage applicants to describe the
contributions and experiences they would bring to the OPIRG York organization in their cover letter. No
assumptions will be made, only those who identify with a marginalized identity will be considered as such.

Please submit your (1) cover letter, (2) resume, and (3) statement to opirgyorkhiring@gmail.com by
May 14th at 5:00pm. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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