Looking for an exciting/meaningful volunteer opportunity this year?
Wanting to use or develop your skills for creative purposes?
Keening to learn something new?
Want to be a part of something huge, positive and that gets people thinking?

River Run 2012 is a week of events to support Grassy Narrows resistance.


We are looking for folks from all walks of life to join us this year to be a part of DisOrientation 2011, which promises to be a series of exciting and engaging events that will promote and support critical thinking and activism in our communities on and off campus. No experience is necessary for any of these positions – training, tokens, food and reference letters will be provided.


On Tuesday, June 21,  2011, exactly one year following the week that brought close to 40,000 people out to the streets of Toronto to fight back against the exploitative policies of the G8/G20 leade