Working groups are fundamental to our operation. These working groups organize autonomously around various issues of social justice and environmental action. Some examples of current and former working groups include: Students against Israeli apartheid (SAIA York), Fair Trade coalition, York G20 Legal Defense committee, No One is Illegal student network (NOII), Students Together Against Detentions and Deportations (STADD), York Animal Rights Group, Students in Solidarity with Haiti, Off the Grid, Prison Books Access Project and No Sweat.

Interested in joining one of our existing working groups?
Our working groups are always looking for new members, volunteers and people who are passionate about the many issues that they cover!

If there is a social justice/political issue that you would like to work on that isn’t represented in our working groups – start your own! We provided lots of support, funding and outreach help to get your issue out there to the York community.

For more information on how to get involved with one of our working groups, email aruna@opirgyork.ca

You can find the working group application online at www.opirgyork.ca/working-groups